MANTIZ R&D Center is aiming the development of surgical devices focused on orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery, developing safe and efficient solutions to spine surgeons & patients based on innovative ideas targeting the global market.

Organization of our R&D Center

Generate new idea conferring with actual users / Lead a developing process
Draw a 3D Modeling / 2D Drawing of idea
Regulatory Affairs
Product registration and licensing for domestic(MFDS and HIRA) / international(CE, FDA and etc.)
Conduct various function test, preclinical study, clinical study, a thesis and a national project.


To respond quickly to the customer’s needs, R&D center operates planning and design team consisted of professional developers of surgical instruments with more than 10 years experience.
The team adopts “Quick Start-up Process”, simplified process of product development and launching according to the customer’s demand and market trend. Meanwhile, to enhance its safety and promote the development process, we conduct the biomechanical testing & analysis through specialized software program.
MANTIZ R&D professional developers have over 30 surgical instruments and over 50 patents task experience.

3D Printed Cage Manufacturing Process

01 Printing

02 Finished product

03 Cutting

04 Remove support

05 Grinding

06 Checking

07 Polishing

08 Blister packaging

Product Development Progress